Twitter Tips


Twitter is the most powerful tool in the world for a new business.

Here’s some resources on how to use Twitter:

Checkout – This will let you manage all of twitter, twitter search, your messages, stats on how many clicks your tweet links get and allows you to autofollow people who follow you. Within the search section you can set up a keyword, say “eventzi” (blatent plug for my site) and see who is talking about you, then you can follow them and get involved in a conversation with them. It is the most valuable tool i’ve used so far.

On the Iphone, the best app is TwitterFon. You get to see message replies (@eventzi…), direct messages (DM) and you can search for keywords too, on your mobile. And obviously you can send out tweets.

An awesome help site is called If youwant to learn even more about twitter, check that out.

To get more followes, here’s a mega tip – Learn how to use the retweet (RT) function. Why? Well if you expose other people/buinesses/tools you are adding value to their business and theres more chance they will return the favour and give you some value back by promoting you. Its works and its powerful.

Dont just talk about yourself all day, its boring and nobody cares.

Check out my page at and see the different ways i use it,

Go on, get stuck in.


I look at lots and lots of different web applications and pick little bits from them to create a new idea. I use mainly, its the best directory online and you can see lots of ideas.

However this is how i would build a new startup. Id pick out a tried and trusted business, improve on it and add features from another business.

So you might have an events listing site that can bring in information from blogs and twitter about that particularly event. Now you can see what people are saying about it. Wicked!!

New features that i will add to Eventzi are all based on proven ideas that can help event hosts sell more tickets!


We have officially launched Eventzi and I’m excited!! The last year has been insane but its all been worth it and i have some wonderful customers who the site will really help. We will build on this and launch some crazy features after we have a steady list of users.  Eventzi already has customers from over Europe and the US, its amazing!

Web Start-up E-Book

I’m going to be writing an e-book that’s sort of – Getting Real / Boostrappers Bible / How To – all in one. Im going to insert all the great content that people need to know if they want to start a web business.

Startup Wiki

I will be creating a Wiki that includes links and some great tools to help you as well as listing tons of free tools and people to follow, all broken down so its all simple.


I was given shocking advice from people who didn’t know how to setup a web business, but there was nobody else, so I stopped working on what has become Eventzi in 2006.

I kept reading about how i should move fast or be last. I couldn’t move fast, i didn’t have anyone or anything really. How can you move fast when you don’t know what to do or people to help you build something online. My first quote for Eventzi was £40’000, i spent less than 10% of that.

Its about time someone did this and worked hard to encourage people to go for it. Especially in Scotland.

This e-book collection thing I’m working on should seriously help anyone who is in similar shoes,


My bootstrapped start up Eventzi is now in test mode. I have worked like a banger to get this going and it will help so many people its insane.

If you run events for anything you should sign up here and get an early look around before anyone else. It looks great and its going to look even better.

We are providing tools that let event holders get their event online,  promote their event with new media, while being able to sell tickets and collect the money online.

The “awesomeness” comes from the simplicity of it all. It takes minutes to get the page online, if you have a PayPal account then you can receive ticket money instantly to your account. You can drag in your pictures from places like Facebook or Flickr and grab your videos from places like YouTube really quickly.

If you run a free event or dont want to take payment online, then we are free.

If you want to take payment online it costs £0.70 Sterling or $1 USD per ticket sold. PayPal charges an additonal 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD to process the payment of each ticket to an event holders PayPal account.

So if we sold a ticket for $5 USD, there would be a $1 USD Eventzi fee as well as $0.45 USD PayPal fee.

5 X 0.029 = 0.15 — 0.15+0.30 = 0.45 — 1+0.45 = TOTAL FEE of $1.45 per ticket.

There’s tools to edit your event, invite guests, create repeat events and there is also an analysis area!

The Event Page is super simple for attendees to use. There is a location box, ticket box and a promotion section to show off what your events about! You can also share it using the share button which means you dont have to update several Social Pages every time, this little tool helps!

To top it all off we have used GetSatisfaction quite heavily to offer the best support i possibly can. I’ll personally deal with customers as long as im a part of the business!!

I really hope this helps people kick on and create some great events!

How To Persuade


I’m think I’m a good persuader, partly because I’m a story teller. If i hear a friend say something that i think isn’t bang on, i will tell stories from different angles so they can think about the situation a bit more.

More information about the topic doesn’t work very well. We relate to stories.

Stories work from the right side of the brain. When hearing a story, people will get that story into their head. They feel the experience. They identify with the successful person of the story. They become the successful person of the story in their own minds. Then, having lived the story, they start to see the the world in a different way. If the story is good, they will want to do that as well.”

The way to tell the best story is to find the way to success in the story. That may be a person or an outcome. For example, if someone was trying to over complicate their golf swing. I might tell them a story about a top pro golfer and take them through their simple swing.

All i am hearing just now in the world is that the economy is taking a beating, that the world is nearly over and that the good days are gone forever. Its not really true. If it were then theres no point in being creative.

Be creative changes the rules and the assumptions, “we havent got enough money to advertise” is correct unless you rephrase the statement to be “we wont have any money to advertise if we do it this way”. The difference is huge.

Try to be creative and look at all the angles. If you give your creativity a chance, it might reward you, you might even change the rules every time theres a problem to be solved.

Featured in Alltop

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You can think of an Alltop site as a “digital magazine rack” of the Internet. To be clear, Alltop sites are starting points—they are not destinations per se. The bottom line is that they are trying to enhance your online reading by both displaying stories from the sites that you’re already visiting and helping you discover sites that you didn’t know existed.