Archive for June, 2008 – Moo Business Cards Business Cards Moo have just released a news that they are dipping into business cards. I had a conversation with a printer, a few questions I asked included: Q-What is the minimum amount of cards I can buy? A-500 Q-Can I get a mix of different cards within a batch […]

“Well done, we won, so whats next, how can we improve?” Any thoughts?

Seth’s Blog – His Post Easter Eggs And The Rick Roll Seth posted this last week and I’ve thought about it alot. It linked well with an idea from his book Small Is the New Big. This idea was based on an experience Seth had where he was awarded gift vouchers, after a purchase, for […]

Ideas – Vision – Execution Everyone has an idea but how we execute that idea is often more valuable than the idea itself. Most ideas are not the first to the market or even unique. They are built on many things we have seen, heard or tried to solve. What makes an idea successful is […] – Their Post Key Team Personality Types Much like characters in a role-playing game, everyone on a successful team plays a unique part. When certain challenges arise, you need to know whose strengths will best match the task. Here are a few key personality types to look for. The Agitator Strength: Questions the status […]

I see 3 different types of name. What it does – What it does with a twist – Buying a ticket to the name lottery 1. Name your business after what it does. An example of this is Mapbuilder. It’s tough to pull off because every man and his clever dog have registered domain names. […] SlideRocket is a web application that provides everything you need to design professional quality presentations, manage and share libraries of slides and assets, and to deliver presentations in person or remotely over the web. You can insert tables that automatically update into your presentation when you edit them elsewhere. The collaboration and sharing is […]