My Personal Brand – The Elements


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The Elements

After reading Chris Brogans first part about developing a strong personal brand online, i began to think about what elements made up my own brand.

Im trying to pop all the useful things, that have helped me and share them online. Im transferring my offline reputation into the online world. If I can recommend a solution to someones problem, I will.

Within my personal brand,im working on building a reputation of understanding new technology and how it is being used innovatively.

I will gain trust through time and experience, but most importantly, through being transparent.

One thing im very good at is paying attention and understanding whats going on and how i can use it to my advantage.

Finally execution. Im far more selective and thoughtful about what I post and what I read elsewhere, but on top of that im only posting and commenting on what i think is important and can help others.

So what makes me stand out? My age, my nationality, my distance from the web 2.0 scene, my wish to speak about technology in English, i dont want to build a Google, i want to stay small and fast.


2 Responses to “My Personal Brand – The Elements”

  1. You’re on the right road, judging by this post. Stay strong. You’re doing good stuff.

  2. Hi Scott,
    I browsed your about page & admire your tenacity. I want to connect you with my friend & mentor Dan Schawbel (connect with me on Facebook & I’ll do so). At 24 he”s done some amazing things! You can too

    And about this – my distance from the web 2.0 scene –
    I live in rural Minnesota which is far removed from the Silicone Valley – but we have planes (as you do 🙂 ). This IS web 2.0 & you can do so much as I have. Just be consistent & keep at it.

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