Social Media – Tools I Like


Twitter – Micro blogging tool, excellent for little gems and instant updates from people you follow.

PownceMicro blogging tool, experts use it less than Twitter but I think its better.

FriendFeed – Helps you follow feeds from a variety of social sites where you can interact.

Seesmic – Video blogging tool, all about the conversation, iv tested it and its addictive.

YouTube – video sharing site. Set up your own channel and follow other channels.

Flickr – photo/video sharing site. Share your world in pictures.

Vimeo – video sharing site. Slick, Pretty and looks great, also has HD capability.

Search Me – Visual search, really cool.

Viewzi – Visual search, offers different styles of visual search, very cool.

Compfight – Flickr photo search tool, awesome for bloggers.

Facebook – Popular social site for experts and friends to connect.

Ning – You can create your own social network or join a niche network.

Linked In – Business social network, very handy. – social bookmarking, save your favourite sites and see other neat sites, experts/friends like.

Last fm – Social music site, upload your music and it recommends what you might also like.

Slideshare – See, save and view presentations by experts and store your own.

I-Google – Customise your google search page – I love it.

Google Mail – Fantastic Email Service.

Google Reader – Manage your RSS Feeds, Saves me 20 hours a week!

Google Calendar – Organise your time, excellent tool.

Google Docs – Free word processing, presentations and spreadsheet tool.

Google Analytics – Analysis of your blog/site performance

Google Alerts – Set up mini alerts about you, or anything else.

Google Blog Search – Search your blog stuff, or other blog stuff.

Google Custom Search – Easily build your own search engine – genius.

Digg – Social news site.

PayPal – Online money transfer.

Gravatar – Avatar that follows you, unique to your email addres.

Tweetscan – See who is Twittering you.

FeedBurner – Analytics for your blog feed.


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