A VC – Do Loose Lips Sink Ships?


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Do Loose Lips Sink Ships?

Here is a post related to being open as an entrepreneur. When I get organised I will be starting a TV channel on Seesmic, YouTube, Vimeo and Vodpod, (so far) where I will be recording my new startup journey, letting people comment on what they think, recommend and like.

I have just read Fred Wilsons post about his partner Brads thoughts on being open and it fits in well with the reasons behind my video idea.

His partner Brad sees high correlation between how open an entrepreneur is with the market and how successful they are.

Brad says:

“I noticed that, at least anecdotally, there was a correlation between how open entrepreneurs were with us and their ultimate success. Simply put the entrepreneurs who are aggressively open in describing their plans seem to do better than the ones who are cagey. There is absolutely no data underneath this observation. It is just my sense after meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs over 15 years as a VC.”


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