Google Reader Has A New Mobile Style


Mobile Google Reader –

Google Reader Has A New Mobile Style

I played golf yesterday and fired up my Nokia N95 to check my Google Reader Feeds. Awwwwwwsome!

Its changed its look and its gone from being the useful librarian to the sexy waitress –  without losing anything the service offered before.

It is nice and clean and I think that the larger text makes a big difference. For me I got to the point where I was getting wound up by the text being so small and close together. Some may prefer that but I dont have lazy fingers, scrolling is cool if i can read it better.

It also lets you choose the way you want to view your content more easily – Im in a rush i want to only read Seth Godin, Techmeme and Sky Sports, I can do it, quickly. Well done Google!


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  1. Well written article.

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