Twingly – Find And Share The Best Of Blogs


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Find And Share The Best Of Blogs

Twingly is a spam-free blog search engine.

They use their search engine as the basis for developing fun products. Right now, the two most popular are:

Twingly Blogstream – connecting traditional media to the Blogosphere.

Twingly Screensaver – a visual representation of the state of the blogosphere. And more are on their way.

Chris Brogan says Twingly could be considered a remix of Technorati, back to what Technorati did well years ago. I dont know what Technorati used to be like but its full of stuff i dont want. Being 22, I just think Twingly is fresh and awesome. Just now it looks like the hot little sister. I think it will be a massive hit.

What I want as a blogger and a reader is this:

Blogger – I want to know what people read, like/dislike, before i have a tribe who like my blog and posts.

Reader – If you like this blog, try that blog.

Try it out and tell me if you like Twingly?


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