Ryan Carson – 5 Ways To Avoid Discouragement



This piece of advice gave me some great encouragement – it might give you it too.

  1. Be realistic. There’s nothing worse than making crazy optimistic goals and then crashing back down to reality. Start off with realistic, achievable sales goals. When you hit them, congratulate yourself and increase them.
  2. Make daily goals. If you know you need to get five new customers a month, then work backward from that and figure out how many contacts/phone calls you need to make to achieve those five sales. Then divide this by the number of working days in the month. If you have an achievable daily goal, you’ll feel great when you check it off your list.
  3. Find someone to encourage you. I spent the first year of Carson Systems as the sole employee and it was insanely discouraging at times. If it wasn’t for my wonderful wife and faithful cat (who I found myself talking to), I would’ve given up. Find someone who you can have a beer with on a weekly basis, and share your victories and defeats with them.
  4. Get the hard stuff over with first. If you know you hate a certain task, get it over with first. After it’s over, you’ll feel exhilarated the rest of the day. If you put it off till the end of the day, you’ll spend the whole day dreading it.
  5. Don’t take rejection personally. A large percentage of potential customers will say no (and some will even be nasty about it). Just remind yourself that it’s totally normal and they’re not rejecting you personally.

Would you add anything here?


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