How To Keep Startup Costs Low


Here is what has saved my start up some cash to date:

  1. Don’t get new computers/printers etc. Generally, an average machine will do especially if you already have one!!
  2. No fancy letterheads, they don’t make you any cash or add any real value.
  3. No bulk ordered business cards. This is probably the easiest way to blow cash. If you need a small amount of cards, use Moo.
  4. Ego luxury – Its easy to splash the cash on restaurant lunch/dinners for clients or to book air tickets in 1st class but its a complete waste of money. This will hurt you more when you need that extra bit of cash later.
  5. Keep it simple. The more simple your business is, the quicker it will be ready.
  6. Ask yourself every time you go to purchase something, if it’s totally necessary.
  7. Trade services. Lawyer services for a website/design/social media/marketing work. Simple.
  8. Use Skype instead of the phone
  9. Do as much as you can yourself before your outsource. For my start up I have done the wire framing, marketing, testing, book-keeping and copy writing.
  10. Find free/cheap services – 37signals, RTM, Google Apps, Facebook, Ning, YouTube, Qik, Get Satisfaction, WordPress and Amazon Web Services.
  11. Shop around for everything. Iv spent a load of time just looking for services and its saved me around £50’000 so far. From Web Dev, Web Design, Logo’s, Marketing, CRM, Tasking, Video work, Community building, Blogging and hosting.
  12. Read Seth Godins Purple Cow – UKUS

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