Business Gateway – Funny Frustration!


In Scotland we have a small service called the Business Gateway. Its purpose is to help small businesses start-up.

I emailed them to arrange a meeting to talk about funding, particularly grants.

I gave them an explanation about my background and what I needed.

So you know:

I’m starting an event business online.

I’m looking for some grants to help me a little.

I’m a recent business graduate with awards for high grades.

I was directed to an online start-up organiser, which is like the biggest checklist in the world, ever. It’s brilliant if you want to commit suicide or feel like your miles away from starting a business – imagine what people who really need help must think.

I think for the only the second time ever iv experienced a human acting like an automated email response machine, the first was PayPal, I wont go there just now!

I appreciate that they must have a few emails like this but why aren’t people reading what I need and helping me achieve this?

I was about to forgive them until I noticed they spelt my name Scoot.


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