How To Increase Sales


Just now I have been working on the strategy to make sales from my new business. Here’s a list I have made.

  1. Network, Network, Network. People do business with people they know and can trust. The best way seems to also include how you can help them as well!
  2. Target a niche. Choose a specific area to work at and go for it. This will make it much easier to focus your efforts and make sales.
  3. Get your pricing right. Listen to what customers say about your pricing and add as much value – without killing the business – as you can.
  4. Think in their shoes. “What’s In It For Me?” “Why Should I Pay For This?” “What Do I gain?”.
  5. Be nice. I like doing business with people I like. You probably do as well. Its a no brain-er it will enhance your sales if your nice.
  6. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated as a customer. Another no brain-er here.
  7. Take advantage of cheap marketing. Use blogs, newsletters and networking, which are mostly free, can be really effective.
  8. Use a customer relationship manager (CRM) tool like 37signals Highrise. Its brilliant for keeping in touch with customers and encouraging repeat business. If you’re about to call someone but can’t remember what you spoke about last time, a CRM tool is worth its weight in gold.

One Response to “How To Increase Sales”

  1. 1 Kim Dodge


    I have only read a few of your posts and I am already impressed. Like-attracts-like and Seth G. never disappoints.

    I am starting a web site [Portal, e-commerce exchange] for the Marquetry and Inlay Arts. I am working with a number of Marquetry and Inlay artists/studios as a market maker to develop products and services for leading organizations and their audiences.

    I want the site to succeed with web 3.0 applications and beautiful art work that makes a contribution to world peace.

    Can you recommend a web designer and programmer who would enjoy orchestrating such a venture?



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