How To Avoid Let Downs

  1. Be realistic. There’s nothing worse than making insane optimistic goals and for reality to give you a kick in the ass, bringing you back down to earth. Its way better to be a little pessimistic and set realistic and achievable targets.
  2. Set targets every day. If you know you need to get five new customers a month, then work back the way from that and work out how many contacts/phone calls you need to make to achieve those five sales. Then divide this by the number of working days in the month. This will feel amazing when you tick it off. There will be a genuine feeling of achievement every day.
  3. Find someone to talk to. From experience, being the only employee can be drive you insane, which puts you off sometimes but I talk to my mum and my girlfriend, which gives me extra belief. Find someone who you can share your thoughts and feeling with.
  4. Do difficult tasks first. If you HATE a specific task, get it over with as quickly as possible. For example, im looking at the difference in business bank accounts just now. Its the most horribly boring task ever but everything seems awesome after completing that. If you put it off, you will spend the whole day/week fearing it.
  5. Rejection and mistakes are fine! Dont stress. A large percentage of potential customers will say no, some will also tell you that it wont work, how you should be doing it and there are a few who will be assholes. Just think, will i be bothered about this next week, probably not. Remember, rejection is normal in every part of life and they’re not rejecting you personally.

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