Incorporating A Limited Company – Made Easier!


Incorporating a company

To incorporate a limited company you will need to file the following four documents with Companies House:

Form 10
This will contain the intended situation of the Registered Office, (this will be either in England and Wales, or Scotland) and the details of the consenting Secretary and Director(s).

Form 12
This is the declaration of Compliance with the Companies Act 1985 in respect of the registration. Once the Memorandum and Articles of Association (see below) have been completed, this must be signed in the presence of a Solicitor, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public or Justice of the Peace. For Scotland click here to find council offices (Justice of the peace guys) who can sign the form for you and witness your signature for free if you dont know anyone personally.

Memorandum of Association
This states the company name, the situation of the Registered Office (to be England and Wales, Scotland or Wales), the objects of the company and its Liability. Here is a memorandum-of-association

Articles of Association
This gives the internal management affairs and running of the company. Each subscriber to the shares should sign this. Here is a articles-of-association

View list of online forms

Once these four documents have been completed, you should return them to Companies House together with the relevant filing fee.

The standard registration fee is £20. Companies House incorporate the company in eight to ten working days after we receive the documents. If you need to form the company quickly, they offer a Same Day Incorporation service, the registration fee for which is £50.00 and must be correctly received before 3pm.

The envelope must be addressed to the ‘New Companies Section’ and the envelope should be marked in bold print SAME DAY INCORPORATION to ensure it is dealt with promptly.

Before supplying any paperwork to Companies House for registration, you should check to ensure the name is available for use. You can do this by either calling the Contact Centre by using their WebCheck service.

You should check your name on both, the “Current and Recently Dissolved” register and the “Proposed Names” register”.


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