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Why Do We…


Why do we reward students far more for following specific instructions for an essay and not nearly enough for saying something original, powerful or useful? ”  Seth Godin I asked this to a few tutors when i was at university. “Its just the way it is” I didnt see innovation, motivation or passion in them. […]

I read this today in 37signals book Getting Real. “It’s so funny when I hear people being so protective of ideas. (People who want me to sign an nda to tell me the simplest idea.) To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions. Explanation: * Awful […]

Nice is free!


I recently ordered some Ajax and Rails workshop guides from Carsonified. There were a couple of little problems and they sorted them out pretty quickly. Keir then threw in some extras for me, which will help me so much, im still smiling. They were nice, it cost them nothing and il now buy from them […]

Next Web So, what would be viable business plans to make your mobile service profitable? I have summed up three business strategies, which do not exclude each other, to earn money with a mobile service. Advertising – Very obvious, but still a lot of start ups think of it as the a-word. They are too […]

I am baffled every time I hear people say something wont work – out of pure opinion and guesswork. I had a meeting recently and the guy said “you cant do this, you cant do that”. The best part was, he was just guessing. He said “how can you gain a competitive advantage by offering […]

Less is better. Underdo the competition Make life easier for users, solve the simple problems and leave the horrible problems to everyone else. Watch Braveheart, the Scottish hammered the English army with a tiny army. Each Scot knew his job, easily organised each team and executed their jobs far more effectively. Make sure there’s: Less […]

Long path – At school, we had information, (mostly useless information) drilled it into our brains until we understood its purpose. Short path – Find what makes each person passionate. Make things matter to the user to get it into the brain, so they want to do more to become awesome at it. The brain […]