How To Get The Brain, To Pay Attention


Long path – At school, we had information, (mostly useless information) drilled it into our brains until we understood its purpose.

Short path – Find what makes each person passionate. Make things matter to the user to get it into the brain, so they want to do more to become awesome at it.

The brain is:

  • Tuned to be aware of scary things
  • Tuned to novelty, odd unusual things
  • Tuned to things that you don’t expect
  • Tuned to innocent, young things
  • Tuned to joy, happiness
  • Tuned to mystery, not fully resolved
  • Tuned to thrill
  • Tuned to facial expressions, simulation of peoples face
  • Tuned to movement, they can feel the movement of your body, if you can replicate what they have seen, the brain will light up

The faster you can get people through the “I suck” stage the better chance you have of being the best.

They wanna know what your tool/service does to help/benefit them.

They will become passionate about what the tool/service lets them do with it, then the tool/service runs and runs!


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