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Here is a pretty detailed log of what iv done with my startup in 5 months. (I know, too long, but I had to start from scratch) I researched my ass off, finding amazing companies in the web app and events industry, i admire what they are all doing, but especially those who make money! […]

So Kathy Sierra kicked ass! She started off by asking the audience to think of something they really wanted or want to do (play football with Man Utd or code) With that dreamy thought in my head she then went on to ask how we could give this dreamy thought to our users by satisfying […]

So the VC’s have advised startups to: Control spending Throttle back growth assumptions Cut earnings assumptions Focus on quality Lower risk Reduce debt What was their advice before the tough times? Telling people that they should do this or that after the event has happend, arent experts, the ones who do it before are. Did […]

How To Build A Web App in Four Days For $10,000 – Carsonified The time it takes to design, build and deploy web applications has been steadily shrinking, especially with frameworks like Django, Rails and Symfony. How to do it I would say you only need three people if you want to strip it back […]