Start Up Diary So Far


Here is a pretty detailed log of what iv done with my startup in 5 months. (I know, too long, but I had to start from scratch)

I researched my ass off, finding amazing companies in the web app and events industry, i admire what they are all doing, but especially those who make money!

I found which helped me find loads of amazing companies which helped me find some great people to follow.

I started to use Google Reader to follow tons of blogs and learn like hell.

Saw some wicked presentations from and found the DHH presentation which totally inspired me against the advice i was getting from local guys in Scotland. Seriously bad advice.

Came across Seth Godin who is probably the smartest guy iv ever come across, truly incredible. You must read his books, especially Purple Cow, none of them will disappoint.

I then spotted Ryan Carson and Carsonified who kick ass in the UK although I hope I can pass on the word about them and people listen to me because i never knew they existed (and everyone should know about what they do).

I started as a newbie and its been a helluva hard ride to just find awesome people and its taken me longer than most developers because i don’t code, i was just an idea guy.

So i began on a wireframe to solve the itch i had, which was to make something that meant i could put and event page online quickly and if i wanted to, sell tickets from it.

I also learned to use services and then find their value like Firefox plugins, WordPress plugins, using HTML etc

I created a personal blog to store all the gems i find and share them for free, so hopefully nobody in the UK has to start where i started.

Then i refreshed my photoshop skills and started working on some logos and testing them out with people and my new ones kick ass!

Went to incorporate a business, they took the piss and it took 5 weeks to complete it all. So far iv waited 2 weeks for the bank account gear to get setup but it takes AGES!

Read Getting Real, by 37signals – One of the best startup tools in the world!

I’m now getting to grips with grid hosting and burstable servers such as Amazon Web Services, Flexiscale and Media Temples Grid.

I went back to my wire-frame and stripped it to its bare bones because i want the users to find a use for it when it launches and tell me how they use it, i cant wait.

I built an the Eventzi Blog on Tumblr and threw in some hacks to make it better, I’m so proud of its simplicity.

I’m using GetSatisfaction for user discussion.

I’m using Slinkset for my forum and new feature recommendations.

I’m using Twitter as a customer support element where i can interact with users and update them quickly.

So now I’m waiting on digital banking and the credit card coming through as well as the domain transfer from the crappy Fasthosts to GoDaddy.

In the meantime iv been playing with Campaign Monitor and looked picked up an html editor to help me out

Then Ill be setting up Google Aps for my business email, docs etc then I can send out my work to a back-end freelancer to build the app, as well as a designer to make my app look simple and hot!

Ill be creating an E-Book, probably with Issuu about how to start a web app with the target audience being complete newbies.

Your pal,



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