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I love Lifehacker Firefox (see also: The Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3) VLC Media Player (see also: Master Your Digital Media with VLC) Ubuntu (see also: Hardy Heron Makes Linux Worth Another Look) Open Office (see also: A First Look at 3.0) Pidgin (see also: Ten Must-Have Plug-ins to Power Up Pidgin) Launchy […]



In Scotland we aren’t really aware of thanksgiving but i have been thinking about it. It seems to be about people who contribute with no expectation of anything in return. There are superstars, the folks who have found a great platform for generosity. I cant pay back Seth Godin or Chris Brogan or Carsonified or […]

Twitter isn’t amazing. The ability to connect to many voices in a collaborative way is amazing. Facebook isn’t the future. Having mutual social environments that permit deeper understanding of each other’s interest is the future. It’s important that we learn how to talk in terms of benefits and not the features. This was an old […]

By Rob Diana of Regular Geek (Twitter/FriendFeed) Most people have heard the KISS acronym (Keep It Simple, Stupid). There is a very good reason for this. If you keep something simple, it is hard to mess it up. Why do I bring this up today? Well, I recently wrote about a conversation with my brother […]

When was the last time you saw a design that was so simple and was so easy to use, you didnt even notice it? Thats extraordinary design. If you design anything make it so simple to use it then make it more simple. Scott