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There are so many tools and services online and offline that they can really get in the way. We are so focused on using all of these tools, it becomes difficult to master and really use each tool to its full usage. Pick the tools and services that are total weapons for your business or […]

Our banks confused themselves into a global collapse. Starbucks had so many cafes and styles of coffee, we started to go elsewhere. Web jargon is at a point where new guys simply have to use google and wikipedia to figure out what stuff means! Look for things everywhere that should be easier to understand. They […]

Practice, Practice and Practice. The very best are brilliant because they practice, learn and practice.

I’m adapting my working style starting today. Instead of rounding up to do’s and completing them, I’m going to set a target then nail it. I’ll get things done by: Setting targets Work out how to achieve them Find out how you can help others to kick ass

How To Sell


1. Find out what people want 2. Help them get it or Help them kick ass with it.

Huge difference. Doing stuff involves things that dont really matter. Getting stuff done involves things that do. Most people do their best to avoid getting stuff done, because its not easy to set the task yourself and deliver results. Hire people who get stuff done, especially if they can set their own tasks and get […]

Iv just tidied up my sidebar and the page looks so much cleaner. Does anyone like the little Tumblr icon i made? I cant believe that nobody has made one?? That now links to my Tumblr page where im going to leave amazing posts from the awesome bloggers. This will be a bit more about […]