Customer Service and Feedback



When launches il make a personal guarantee to deliver the best Customer Service i can deliver. I will make sure my business is involved in the best and the worst of conversations about what we do. If its crap, il listen, we can chat and il work my ass off to make sure Eventzi helps you to really kick ass.

My views fit in with this little piece from about feedback. FEEDBACK 3.0 will be all about companies joining the conversation, if only to get their side of the story in front of the mass audience that now scans reviews. Expect smart companies to be increasingly able (and to increasingly demand) to post their apologies and solutions, preferably directly alongside reviews from unhappy customers. Expect the same for candid rebuttals by companies who feel (and can prove) that a particular review is unfair or inaccurate, and want to share their side of the story.

I’m sick of crappy service, especially customer service and i want to lead the change in how customer service is delivered to users who decide to try/use and commit to your business.


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