Get Ideas From Other Businesses


Guy Kawasaki created Alltop after seeing Popurls. He found out Popurls werent going further than tech, so Guy did.

I am building Eventzi from ideas that are taken from tons of different places.

Eventzi doesnt even have a development team hired yet and iv got some awesome ideas for other sister services, i could create. They came from web services that are catering to a different market.

To start off…

Check out Flickr. Look at their pages, so clean and easy to use. They also use a clever colour set. It has a white background with 2 more base colours. They dont put stuff on a page that doesnt need to be there. Iv tried to work from that.

Vimeo is beautiful, they have a dropdown bar that is great for splitting up topics on their roadmap page. We are using something like it for the steps to create an event.

37signals marketing pages are just sensational. We have use some ideas and tried to make it even cleaner. They are releasing some new marketing pages for highrise soon.

Let me know what you find!


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