Start A Business Today


I definitely have highs and lows. A new idea makes me go around signing and smiling. The lows, like when someone says an idea is ok or stupid are tough to ignore. People think it’s not worth it, everyone’s doing something, how do I compete, what if someone does what im doing. It is normally followed by doing nothing or something else.

Wait a freaking minute. Been there. Here is what I think.

So many people have awesome ideas and shockers, but you have to prove they don’t work. Anyone can say it wont work. If you try it out and it doesn’t work, you will have learned so much from the process that its priceless. I don’t understand why people won’t even attempt to make their business idea work.

I’m more prepared to identify stupid things I do, therefore preventing myself from failing in the same way again.

At some point, everyone has thought of the brilliant big time idea. We thought it through, research some stuff on Google, thought about how rich and successful we will be and imagining what we could buy. I’ve done it and most people have too. The problem is that we are better at dreaming than doing. A dreamer isn’t an entrepreneur.

At 21 I started my first “company” and convinced my Uni friend to build an internet promotion and advertising portal. We knew so little we needed a web builder!! It actually worked fine but we made so many mistakes we failed to make money.

Some people will do all the hard work, they’ll launch a prototype of their project, put in little effort to get it noticed, then call it a failure. If you’re going to fail, at least work your ass off to get people to look at it, just because nobody has seen it, doesn’t mean it’s a failure at that point. Some entrepreneurs have multiple ideas that they’re working on at the same time and hope that one might make them a lot of money.

When we built the promotion and advertising portal we looked no further than the summer festival, which is huge, we needed a strategy past that, but because each company wouldn’t share links nobody saw us. This meant we couldn’t make money that way and we ran out. As well as that we covered so many topics too quickly it was insane and we couldn’t nail each perfoming category we were diluting everything.

Another type is the person who has absolutely no time for anything other than their work. They make a solid attempt to see their business idea through, but get distracted by the idea of another growth opportunity. These people work hard but lack serious focus on one project, I suffered from this a lot and you can lose confidence but the results of staying focused totally outweigh starting a new idea.

I was working on helping traditional businesses use online tools for their business. I worked on it, got a few clients that paid for the service. I then tried out a more physical business that customized shoes with crystals which also had a few clients paying. I was locked into handling two completely different companies. Not good, its 2 half assed businesses.

Now I run a blog which helps new guys use web tools and start up a web app business. I use selected tools which are connected to my new business that is being built to integrate people and information from all over the place. It make life easier, its more focused and there’s a purpose to each tool I use.

Almost everyone is a dreamer. Entrepreneurs get things done, get people to see it and make money. If you don’t put in the effort to build your company, you’ll see nothing but a frustrating fed-up feeling that can irritate you for a long time.

My message to people is that when you make the time and find the resources needed to make your idea a reality, you’ll experience the enjoyment of knowing that you’ve created something amazing that’s helps someone or something.


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