Sometimes The Web Is Shocking


This is related to Mike Arringtons post on Techcrunch.

Offline nobody really has a pot shot at me or my business, they might and probably do behind my back but that person is held responsible for that comment or opinion.

People have to take responsibily for what they say and online it is way too easy to create fake profiles and comment anonymously. I think its time there is a real push to make every comment as accountable to a real person as we possibly can.

In regards to being spat on, i praise Mike Arrington for not retaliating. It is sick and i hope the person is embarrassed online and publicly made accountable for his actions.

It is truly crazy when someone threatens to kill you and is regarded as unstable, owns a gun, resulting in someone having to hide.

Anyone is aloud to strongly disagree and rightly so but there should be a level of respect. Both of these example take disagreement to a level that is way beyond what anyone should have to deal with.

If you want to be respected and gain value with what you do, put up your picture, your real name and link to your blog or another profile. If you own a blog let people see who you are. If you strongly disagree, think about your point and state it.

There is no need to be cruel and abusive. You will gain nothing that way.

Let me know what you think about this.


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