Creating Business Ideas


Over at the Open Forum, Guy Kawasaki has just posted about creativity.

It got me thinking about what ideas i came up with while at University. I think the 3rd point in his post is the most important for idea generation.

Build on ideas that came before. The iPod isn’t a miracle that came out of the blue—it was built on the Sony Walkman’s concept of a shirt-pocket device coupled with early MP3 players from other companies and the online store of a company like Amazon. The concept that creativity is built on what came before has important ramifications: consume information voraciously, go outside your market niche, and don’t be too proud to steal inspiration.”

This took me about 2 years to really grasp, but the problem i had was that the lack of cash i had to make these ideas work. However the web has removed the barriers of building web tools and services. Its cheap now!!

Eventzi was born out of this mashup of ideas:

1. The mainstream began to use use Bebo and Facebook. This meant that people could connect together and share like never before.

2. Ticket selling sites drive me nuts. They do a job for large events but negotiating deals based on each tour or event is ridiculous, especially for small events where people are working their ass off to make it work.

3. So a Bebo/Facebook style event page with a ticket selling service sounded sweet.

4. I wanted to bring in the same tools that the big guys get, but really kick it on so we can let people share their photos, music and videos, which lets them promote at the time potential attendees are about to buy a ticket.

5. It has to be kept simple and clean so its dead easy to use. As you know, there’s a lot of clutter on web pages!

6. Pricing needed a refreshing change of direction, Traditional event services charged a % of the events ticket price, which is insane in my opinion, a £10 ticket has a 2.5% fee = 25 pence, but a £100 ticket x 2.5% fee = £2.50. Then payment processing fees are added. The hike for the same service fees, punishes event hosts.

– What Eventzi does is charge $1 per ticket sold. This means small inexpensive events aren’t killed before they get going. The more expensive events aren’t punished for charging more for their tickets.

– There is also a 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for payment processing fees. This is what PayPal charge for keeping everyone safe.

7. Customer Service is our number one asset. I will personally deal with every question and problem. We have set up a brilliant community support area on where we can help you and you can chat to our other customers for advice or support. There is also a monthly newsletter delivered by the brilliant to offer tips, tricks and promotions (signup here) . And if that wasn’t enough already we have a tour section with video tutorials to let you see how to you can use Eventzi. This also links to our Viddler page where all the videos live. You can also catch me on Twitter @scottpurdie and the business updates are on @eventzi.

So as you can see there are a some ideas thrown together but being supported by other great services.

I hope this helped, let me know.


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