Eventzi has launched! Whats next?



We have officially launched Eventzi and I’m excited!! The last year has been insane but its all been worth it and i have some wonderful customers who the site will really help. We will build on this and launch some crazy features after we have a steady list of users.  Eventzi already has customers from over Europe and the US, its amazing!

Web Start-up E-Book

I’m going to be writing an e-book that’s sort of – Getting Real / Boostrappers Bible / How To – all in one. Im going to insert all the great content that people need to know if they want to start a web business.

Startup Wiki

I will be creating a Wiki that includes links and some great tools to help you as well as listing tons of free tools and people to follow, all broken down so its all simple.


I was given shocking advice from people who didn’t know how to setup a web business, but there was nobody else, so I stopped working on what has become Eventzi in 2006.

I kept reading about how i should move fast or be last. I couldn’t move fast, i didn’t have anyone or anything really. How can you move fast when you don’t know what to do or people to help you build something online. My first quote for Eventzi was £40’000, i spent less than 10% of that.

Its about time someone did this and worked hard to encourage people to go for it. Especially in Scotland.

This e-book collection thing I’m working on should seriously help anyone who is in similar shoes,


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