Twitter Tips


Twitter is the most powerful tool in the world for a new business.

Here’s some resources on how to use Twitter:

Checkout – This will let you manage all of twitter, twitter search, your messages, stats on how many clicks your tweet links get and allows you to autofollow people who follow you. Within the search section you can set up a keyword, say “eventzi” (blatent plug for my site) and see who is talking about you, then you can follow them and get involved in a conversation with them. It is the most valuable tool i’ve used so far.

On the Iphone, the best app is TwitterFon. You get to see message replies (@eventzi…), direct messages (DM) and you can search for keywords too, on your mobile. And obviously you can send out tweets.

An awesome help site is called If youwant to learn even more about twitter, check that out.

To get more followes, here’s a mega tip – Learn how to use the retweet (RT) function. Why? Well if you expose other people/buinesses/tools you are adding value to their business and theres more chance they will return the favour and give you some value back by promoting you. Its works and its powerful.

Dont just talk about yourself all day, its boring and nobody cares.

Check out my page at and see the different ways i use it,

Go on, get stuck in.


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