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Twitter is the most powerful tool in the world for a new business. Here’s some resources on how to use Twitter: Checkout – This will let you manage all of twitter, twitter search, your messages, stats on how many clicks your tweet links get and allows you to autofollow people who follow you. Within […]

My bootstrapped start up Eventzi is now in test mode. I have worked like a banger to get this going and it will help so many people its insane. If you run events for anything you should sign up here and get an early look around before anyone else. It looks great and its going […]

First of all Twitter is a weapon. But it looks like a really harmless teddy bear. In local business. some relationships are not worth the effort, some are. I spent the day working on Eventzi, then had a little ideas about Twitter and local businesses. Lets just say your local coffee shop had a Twitter […]

I have just downloaded a jam packed Google Analytics app for the iPhone called Analytics App and it’s the first ive seen or read of thats brilliant. It cost me just over £3. The application is well designed and packed with the features we need from Google Analytics. With support for multiple accounts, 29 stat […]



There are so many tools and services online and offline that they can really get in the way. We are so focused on using all of these tools, it becomes difficult to master and really use each tool to its full usage. Pick the tools and services that are total weapons for your business or […]



For many, given the up and down status of Twitter, the search functionality of Summize has become a must-have to find conversations, replies, and topics. A new AIR app, debuting today, called TweetDeck, features full integration with Summize, and lets you customize your Twitter experience, through dedicated columns for your feed, your replies and.. read […]



We filmed several Carsonites and their screens for the whole first day of Matt Week, sped it up, added a track from MGMT … and here’s what you get. read more | digg story