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I look at lots and lots of different web applications and pick little bits from them to create a new idea. I use mainly, its the best directory online and you can see lots of ideas. However this is how i would build a new startup. Id pick out a tried and trusted business, […]

Over at the Open Forum, Guy Kawasaki has just posted about creativity. It got me thinking about what ideas i came up with while at University. I think the 3rd point in his post is the most important for idea generation. “Build on ideas that came before. The iPod isn’t a miracle that came out […]

Iv just tidied up my sidebar and the page looks so much cleaner. Does anyone like the little Tumblr icon i made? I cant believe that nobody has made one?? That now links to my Tumblr page where im going to leave amazing posts from the awesome bloggers. This will be a bit more about […]

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I started this blog when i was a total newbie. It was setup before i found, gmail, google reader, twitter etc, i used it so i can learn about new tools because i think the web and the services online are weapons that I can use as an entrepreneur. I created it for myself […]

Guy Kawasaki created Alltop after seeing Popurls. He found out Popurls werent going further than tech, so Guy did. I am building Eventzi from ideas that are taken from tons of different places. Eventzi doesnt even have a development team hired yet and iv got some awesome ideas for other sister services, i could create. […]

Ideas – Vision – Execution Everyone has an idea but how we execute that idea is often more valuable than the idea itself. Most ideas are not the first to the market or even unique. They are built on many things we have seen, heard or tried to solve. What makes an idea successful is […]